Bringing LatAm offline bankers to the online “new normal” 



FIBA offers certifications and continuing education programs focused especially on international financial institutions with correspondent banking activities, international private banking, and foreign trade transactions.


The Institute operated in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most certifications were imparted in person. Banking personnel in Latin America did not used online training and were afraid of the lower quality internet connection.


Because of the Global Pandemic FIBA needed to create a strategy to lure in potential candidates, offering the benefits of online courses. They had to drive a mindset change about online courses.



  • Implemented a 360° strategy including social media posts in Spanish, Public Relations activities, free webinars in Spanish and a digital ads campaign divided into search, display and retargeting.


  • Created a campaign named “There’s Never Been a Better Time for Online”


  • Drove traffic onto the website and set up a lead capture offering our course details enabling a database creation and allowing for retargeting digitally and via email.



After 12 months implementing the strategy:


Sales increase for the Institute.


Growth overall.


Website visits increase

– total visits 2019 Q1 + Q2 3,190

– total visits 2020 Q1 + Q2 12,716


Digital leads, mostly from Latin America
(Our audience target) 


Clicks generated for individual mailing campaigns direct to a course and 222 to our owned channels.


Average monthly growth in incoming leads.