Black Friday is almost here! That means big sales and the start of the holiday shopping season. Don’t forget to mark your calendars – this year’s date is November 25, 2022. 

The Covid-19 pandemic changed Black Friday shopping habits. More customers are buying online, reducing the demand for in-store-only deals. Cyber Monday is also growing more popular, turning Black Friday into a month-long shopping season.

Let’s get right into it. Here are 8 Black Friday Digital Marketing ideas to inspire your campaigns.

1. Geolocation is the way to go. Ensure that your business’s physical store is on Google maps and has all the information about its location and hours. Pay attention to how your business is found on social media as well. Many people are now searching for business locations on Instagram (according to Google executives). 

2. Take advantage of TikTok. Even though many people think TikTok is just a platform for dances and humorous short videos, recent studies have shown that TikTok has achieved something unbelievable up until a few months ago: displacing Google as the most popular search engine, especially among young people. Why? There is more interest in knowing how a product works and its experience rather than just its specifications. You don’t have an account yet? Then, it’s time to try TikTok.

3. Develop unboxing. Opening a box and discovering everything inside is the most relatable experience of receiving a gift. Because of this, unboxing has become popular, and you should invest in creating this type of content for Black Friday deals.

4. Look for nano-influencers. While they only have a few thousand followers, they can have an important influence among them. Most of the time, they can even enhance your social paid strategy. Look for users aligned with your objectives and proven credibility within their communities.

5. Try NFT out. You probably will offer similar products in a similar price range as your competitors. So, what else can you do? Take advantage of Black Friday and create a different relationship with your customers by developing Non Fungible Token series.

6. Use tags. Add tags with keywords related to your promotion. Many retailers fail to use this simple way to include meta-text tags in their images. By combining it with Black Friday deals, you can maximize its potential.

7. Try selling directly on social media. Everyone will search for deals and promotions on Black Friday. By selling directly on platforms like Instagram, you can put your products right in front of your target audience. It’s even easier to convert consumers when you sell directly on the app.

8. Show your human side: Getting merchandise in, categorizing it, and arranging logistics to support a demanding day like Black Friday can be a challenging task, and that’s why it’s excellent content to share with current and potential customers via social media.

Be prepared and roll out some of these tactics. If you want to stand out, you’ve got to attract attention. Don’t be afraid to try something new.