Gen- Z is Bringing a New and Fresh Perspective to the Marketing World

Millennials have truly redefined the way we shop, live, and interact. How we conduct business relies heavily on the audience we are targeting and today, not only Millennials are paving the way—Gen Z’s are taking over and are said to be ‘a catalyst to change.’

This new generation, ‘Zoomers’, as many may call them, were born from the mid-1990’s to the 2010’s. Although young at age, this demographic is shifting consumer patterns and leading the charge when it comes to brand interaction. Zoomers are less focused, excellent multitaskers, they respect loyalty, and genuinely believe in a bigger purpose when buying a product or a service.

How do you as a brand engage with Zoomers? Simplify your message. Make your content engaging. Most of all, first impressions count, make sure to impress Zoomers with your best first shot. Here’s a few tips on how to target this generation:

1)Content is Key! Make sure your content is friendly and straight to the point. Lure them in by relating and building a relationship.

2)Influencers—yes please! This generation LOVES influencers! Establish a good relationship with influencers that market your product and/or services. Think quality over quantity.

3)Make your content interactive—Facebook? Maybe. But Zoomers love TikTok and Instagram!

4)Social Media plays a big role! Yes, Zoomers do browse magazines and watch TV but the reality is social media is at their fingertips. This should be your means to communicate with them. Direct marketing—maybe not as effective for this crowd!

5)Videos and applications—Yes, yes, yesto these! They want to use Apps for everything, make sure to tap into this method. Videos are visuals, they´re enticing, an ultimate favorite!

When targeting this demographic keep the points stated above as a guide. Time to adapt your marketing strategy and evolve to get this generation involved!

At DMH we design ideas and experiences catering to different target audiences. Our creative team and group of strategists know just how to target each generation effectively, and help build lasting, successful relationships.