Podcast: The tool your brand needs in 2022

Since their first debut in the early 2000s, podcasts have had enthusiasts and skeptics. Beyond entertainment— Can they be part of a brand’s c with its audience? That is the question many marketers are trying to answer.

Unbound Creativity

Podcasting offers a new take on radio, a mass media that has historically been important but has sometimes appeared outdated amid changes in communications.

Suddenly, both fans and personalities of traditional radio felt attracted to podcasts due to the possibility of unleashing their most creative spirit. Free of commercial restrictions and away from conventional radio media, podcasts explored the potential of audio-based communication, taking advantage of low-cost production and distribution.

A Podcast for Every Taste

Unlike traditional media, podcasts deal with many topics and points of view, from the most casual comment about “who wore it best” on the Hollywood’s red carpet to a recent scientific discovery, sports, business, gastronomy, culture, and politics; podcasts are a medium to get any message across. There is not only one to suit each taste, but the audience has the ease to download and listen to it whenever they want.

Podcasts and Digital Marketing

An influential podcast can help you move from simple visibility to authority and build the trust that a client needs when making a purchase.

A commercial podcast makes little sense; it requires a mix of information and entertainment that leads to connecting the brand with its audience. Also, podcasts allow brands to connect organically with commercial partners and influencers with whom they can create synergies.

The process begins by always strategizing the issues the brand wishes to tackle and asking for the most appropriate way to share that information. The creation of tutorials, in-depth interviews with industry experts, and the discovery of new ways consumers use the product are all excellent reasons to experiment with podcasts and take advantage of this medium with a growing audience.

Interesting Statistics

The joint annual research by Statistica, Triton Digital, and Edison Research on podcast audience trends and patterns yields some statistics that put the importance of the media into perspective.

It is estimated that by 2022, 62% of the population will have listened to a podcast at least once, while 78% are familiar with the media. Most listeners are between 12 and 34 years old, and females have increased in number. 38% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month if we consider recurrence.

The United States leads in terms of audience share with 47.9%, followed by the United Kingdom with 6.3% and Canada with 5%.

Most Popular Platforms

Although the podcast genre favors the preference of different platforms, Apple Podcasts is the leader, with 37.4% of the entire podcast audience and almost 41 million downloads.  

In second place is the music giant Spotify with 26.8%, equivalent to almost 30 million downloads. Other platforms include: Google Podcasts 2.4%, Buzzsprout embed player 1.6%, Castbox 2.0%, Podcast Addict 1.5%, and Overcast 1.2%. 

Almost 3% of podcast listeners do not use a specific platform but do so directly from their Internet browsers. 

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