Tree hugging brands? The Wellness Marketing trend is here to stay!

Is your brand ready? 

Do you have a smartwatch to track your steps and sleeping patterns? Do you use apps to meditate or watch your diet? Are you following a fitness influencer or wellness guru?

Do you check the source, ingredients, or material of products before buying? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, you are already part of the wellness marketing ecosystem. 

How about your brand?

This trend is not new, but after Covid-19, it grew with a bang! The arrival of a deadly virus from an unclear origin, particularly affecting the population with chronic conditions -a result, in most cases, of the bad habits of modern life- highlighted the importance of self-care. In 2021, we have a more holistic view, a combination of mental health, spirituality, nutrition, physical activity, eco-friendly/sustainable products, and a reconnection with nature.

People, their lifestyle, and their goals are evolving. There is a new wave of wise consumers who read labels before putting anything in their shopping cart (virtual or physical). It is no longer a trend for gyms, nutrition brands, or spas. It is not a niche of a few tree-huggers anymore. Today, it is an established trend in a large part of the population demanding products and services that every brand must analyze. It’s a whole new path to connect with Millennials, Gen Z and keep those Gen X migrating towards a wellness lifestyle.

In 2020, Mountain Dew – whose audience type is quite well known – released its sugar-free version! Ding, ding, ding! The market is changing. Either you evolve, or you will surely perish.

Wellness marketing is a blue ocean of possibilities for your brand to create value and connect with new audiences and reinforce your current customers. 

Could your brand incorporate some wellness? 

Let´s get together and create a strategy!